Enterprise Package

Our Enterprise package is for larger organisations committed to instilling a culture of security.

The Enterprise package contains everything in the Plus package, along with multiple language support, e-learning customisation options and a discounted rate per employee.




  • Online Security
  • Information Security
  • Remote Security
  • Personal Security
  • User assessments
  • Policy management
  • User reporting
  • Premium support
  • Threat alerts
  • Recycle user licenses
  • GDPR
  • Additional content areas ×6
  • Incident reporting
  • Template info. security policies
  • Policy Generator tool
  • Dedicated Mitigate Account Manager
  • Multiple languages
  • E-learning customisation
  • Multiple languages
  • E-learning customisation


Online Security Area of Concern

Passwords & Authentication, Communications and Internet Usage policies and training.

Information Security Area of Concern

Backups, Information Classification & Protection and User Access Control policies and training.

Remote Security Area of Concern

BYOD, Remote Working and Public Wi-Fi policies and training.

Personal Security Area of Concern

Social Engineering, Disposal & Destruction and Clear Desk policies and training.

User assessments

Multiple-choice assessments for each Area of Concern.

Policy management

Easily update and manage your suite of policies, tracking employee signatures and exemptions.

User reporting

Pinpoint risk across your whole organisation in real-time with our advanced reporting features.

Premium Support

All support queries answered within 8 hours.

Threat alerts

Distribute threat alerts to your entire workforce easily and quickly.

Recycle user licenses

Reallocate licenses to new users when employees move on.

GDPR Area of Concern

Receive the GDPR Area of Concern, helping to ensure that you are compliant.

Additional content areas ×3

Get three additional Areas of Concern, at no additional cost.

Incident reporting

Receive and triage incident reports from your employees.

Template information security policies

Receive a suite of pre-generated Cyber Essentials, GDPR and ISO 27001-compliant policies.

Policy generator tool

Use the Policy Generator Tool to easily modify your policies to suit your needs.

Dedicated Mitigate Account Manager

Receive a dedicated Account Manager.

Multiple languages

Tailor Mitigate to the languages that your employees know.

E-learning customisation

Customise the e-learning to align with any policy modifications you make and feature your own staff and locations.

Support: Portal / Email / Phone

Employees: 251+

Annual Payment Discount

User Guide Included

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