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Mitigate uses realistic scenario-based e-learning to improve your cyber resilience

Cyber Security training for business

In each of the courses, the learner is immersed in a series of scenarios inspired by real-life events and follows a storyline, attempting tasks throughout that challenge them on what they have learnt.

Mitigate Features

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Mitigate provides an easy-to-use dashboard which records each learner's progress, motivating employees to complete all available training.

Admin users are given access to an alternate dashboard that allows them to analyse levels of risk across their organisation.

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Each company begins with 100% risk.

As modules are completed, assessments passed and policies signed, the level of risk reduces. The object is to reach and maintain as low a level as possible.

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High-level view of employee progress

Keeping track of policy completion

  • E-Learning platform with full reporting audit trail
  • Policy Management Service
  • 12 GCHQ-certified training courses
  • Version releases twice per year
  • Regular Threat Intelligence updates from Xyone
  • Assessment with pass mark at 80%
  • 12 certified policies in 4 key areas of concern
  • Policy Review and/or Alignment to certified standards
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Mitigate Benefits

Mitigate your
cyber risk

Quick, simple,
easy to use

Train all staff

Policy management
and enforcement

Staff resilience from
external attacks

Audit & reporting
to track compliance

Injects security
into company culture

Can be produced in
over 200 languages

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